How To Cook Fish In The Oven

One of the greatest prizes, when you catch a fish, is getting to eat them. Sure, having the peace and quiet while fishing is nice, but getting to taste your own hard work is really nice. There are many ways you can cook fish. You could also find a lot of recipes from recipe books, magazines, and the internet. Cooking a fish through an oven is one of the ways. It is also healthier since you will not need to use a lot of oil. There are two ways to cook fish in the oven, and that is to broil them and to bake them.


Broiling is similar to grilling. It is actually an alternative to grilling and can use the same recipes. The difference is that grilling’s heat source is from below like in a barbecue grill while broiling, on the other hand, has its heat source from above. But like grilling, you would need to always check your cooking because it cooks one side at a time would require turning them over.

The best fish to broil are those that have high levels of natural oil. Examples of this are mackerel and salmon. The reason for this is because the natural oil protects them from the heat and will cook beautifully. You could still broil fish that are moderately lean but needed to be brushed with protective glaze or oil. Fish that are very lean and delicate are hard to broil though, so it would be wise to avoid it.

For you to successfully broil your fish, here are some tips:

  1. Always preheat the broiler or oven before putting in the fish.
  2. Season the fish with a dry rub for better flavor.
  3. Place your fish on a foil and rub it with protective glaze or olive oil.
  4. When broiling the fish, always check it to prevent burning or overcooking. Remember that it requires turning them over to cook both sides.
  5. When it is done, remove them from the oven but leave it in the foil and let it rest.
  6. Then plate it and serve.


Baking is preparing food in dry heat. Unlike broiling that needed to be watched upon, baking does not for lower temperature is used. It does need to be timed but the fish does not need to be turned over.

You can bake a fish whole or fillet. It does have to be at a certain temperature to preserve moisture and delicate texture. 

Here are some tips for baking a fish:

  1. Preheat the oven before putting in the fish.
  2. Always have your fish dried by patting it with paper towels. This is to avoid splattering.
  3. For them to cook equally, their thickness should be equal.
  4. Brush the fish with oil, butter, or pesto for it to stay moist.
  5. Season the fish with salt, pepper, and your desired spices.
  6. Fish bake at different lengths and will depend on your fish’s thickness and type. Fillets cook for 4 to 6 minutes per half-inch thickness of fish. Pan-dressed fish cook for 6 to 9 minutes per 8 ounces of fish.
  7. To test if the fish is done, gently try to flake it apart with a fork. If should come apart very easily. If it sticks together it’s probably still raw, and you can usually notice a difference in color and opacity as well.