Tools That Every Home Owner Should Have

As a homeowner, having a garage will be a big help to you. Why? One of your responsibility is to maintain your home. This also includes doing some repairs. With a garage, not only you will have space for your vehicle, but you will also have a place to secure your tools which is a must.

There are a variety of tools you will see at hardware stores, but not all of them are really important or a need. So what are the tools that are a must-have?

1. Drill

It is said to be the most used tool. That is because of its versatility. You can use it for either mounting or drilling holes or for both tightening and loosening. You can either choose ones that need to be plugged, but there are also cordless ones available that will be handy to bring anywhere.

2. Hammer

This is the tool that you are most likely to find in a toolbox. It also has different kinds. If you are confused or overwhelmed, do not worry for you do not need to have all of them. The most common is the claw hammer which is used for pounding and pulling off nails. You can have another one that you think will be handy for you.

3. Wrench

 if you need to tighten or loosen something, this is the tool used. It is commonly used for plumbing needs or vehicles, but you can also use it in other ways. The most common kind would be the adjustable crescent wrench and if you are looking for something to have as a start, that will be the one.

4. Saw

You would also need some cutting tools. You can either have a handsaw or a hacksaw or both for a start. A handsaw is great for cutting lumbers while a hacksaw is more for metals and plastics.

5. Hardware

With all the tools, you will also need nails and screws to keep something together. It is convenient to have on hand that depends on your needs such as for hanging or for building something.

6. Screwdriver

A screwdriver is very useful especially if you are going to fix smaller things such as watches. And unlike a drill, it is less bulky and easy to have and great for fixing or attaching lesser items such as furniture or cabinets.

7. Tape Measure

You would want accuracy to avoid mismatched and faulty sizes. Because of that, a tape measure will be needed to quickly have the measurement of walls or things you will build. It is also handy to measure the sizes of your room and furniture.

8. Utility Knife

You will also need a smaller cutting tool for a quick grab, and the utility knife is useful for cutting different kinds of things. It is also useful for making markings and scoring.

9. Level

A tape measure is useful for measuring. The level, on the other hand, is useful to make sure your works are in the right angle and straight.

10. Pliers

Useful for gripping and also for bending and cutting wires. There is a variety available for different uses, but you can purchase a set and also have research for what you will need the most.