How To Cook Fried Fish

One of the popular ways to cook your fish is by frying them. It might seem easy, but you will need skill and great timing for it will tend to overcook. The secret to this is to prepare them and know the technique. There are also some tips that will be given to you.

But first things first, what is the best fish to fry? There are many kinds out there, and all of them can be fried in some ways, but the best ones would be fish that are lean. Examples of this are trout, tilapia, cod, etc. Basically, fish with white meat is good for frying. Fish with higher oil content are better off for broiling or baking because they tend to get greasy and unappealing.

The next question would be what will be the best oil to use? The best oil to fry with is those that are not flavored because fish already has a strong flavor and the flavor of the oil will just disappear when used. You can still use them for fish after cooking. Frying is done in two ways. One is pan-frying or shallow frying, and the other is deep-frying. Using oils with high smoking points is more applicable for it will be not ruined with high heat. Canola and vegetable oils are the best choices for this especially that they are also neutral-flavored.

The next will be frying the fish. It is simple but does require some skill. But just learn these steps and you may be expert on frying fish in no time.

1. Choose fish

As said earlier, you can fry any fish but not all will have the same result. It is best to choose fish that are good for frying. You can fry them as is (whole) or filleted.

2. Prepare fish

The next step will be preparing them. You should clean them first. Be sure to pat them dry to avoid oil splashing. If they are filleted, you can slice them in the size you want. To add more texture and body to your fish, have them coated. You can simply dredge them in flour or breadcrumbs or make a batter.

3. Prepare pan

Before you fry your fish, always have the pan prepared. You will know it is ready by dipping a wooden spoon into the oil, and it starts bubbling. 

4. Fry the fish

Now, it is time to fry the fish. Deep frying is simpler. You will just put them in a deep fryer then simply wait for a few minutes to be cooked. Pan-frying will take more time. You will put the fish on the pan then wait until it is golden brown for a few minutes then flip them over to cook the other side. To test if they are ready, have a fork and see if it flakes and if it does, then it is ready. Transfer them in a plate with paper towels to get rid of the excess oil.

5. Serve

Put them in a plate with lemon wedges and other garnish, and then you can add in with your favorite sauce. Now it is ready for you to serve it.